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Our Story
One spring afternoon in March of 2009, Chad and Diann watched the sun set at Longmont's Vance Brand Airport.  Chad had finished a flight lesson a little earlier and he was sharing his adventure with Diann.  While they talked, their hunger grew as did their curiosity why there wasn't any food services at the airport... ready, Set, GO or as pilots say,


Flight Deck Grill was launched two months later in May with a small street cart.  They were anxious to find out if the need for food and beverage existed at the airport.   The answer was not only yes, but it was YES.  As they were getting ready to close up for the season, the question asked by all, "Are you coming back in May?".  Their response was yes, however, they knew they needed to go mastermind the comeback plan.  Fun season and growth to follow.

Over the following winter, they researched and built a custom mobile grill, aka, the rigstaurant, Tinker.   2010, Season 2, the sales doubled, but that was easy with the small sales from the first year.  This was the year to learn how to operate Tinker and play in the event arena.   

2011, Season 3, better and smarter and knowing how to have more fun. Jammed packed with new events, invites back to those events from the previous year, AND expanded the business to include catering.

Many years have passed since season 3, friendships have been made and fun has been had. After 14 amazing seasons, Diann has officially retired, passing off the Flight Deck Grill to me, Alexa Coder. I’m honored to carry on a legacy that Diann spent 14 years building here in Longmont. I look forward to many fun seasons to come, more friends to be made and even more fun to be had. 

Have fun when you visit.  We encourage you to try something different each time and share your favorites with friends.   We'd love to hear your ideas or feedback.  

Sooooooo…..as Diann and Chad say, when the fun ends, we're going home.  

Here’s to the fun never ending! 

Alexa Coder